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Bloody tale

David walked near beach in the evening. He saw a beautiful flowers shop in the corner. That shop was new in this place, so he goes there. Then he realized that is actually not a shop but that flowers are for some special purpose. Flowers are for orphan Children. Orphan asylum is organized an event for children. David saw a beautiful girl, who managed that whole event. He appreciated her work. He leaves that beach after some time.
Next day, he goes to a hotel for meeting. He was waiting for his client, then suddenly a girl came to his table and asked for a help. David looked at her and he is surprised to see her again. She is a girl, to whom David met on the beach.
She continued, “I am sandy. I need your phone. ”
She further said, “ I know, I am stranger for you, but I really need your help ”
David asked, “ what kind of help?”
She replied, “ I have lost my phone. I need to call ambulance because a child injured badly on the road.”
David asked again, “ Do you know him?”
She replied, “ No, but he really needs help. ”
David help her and save that child. He also goes to hospital and pay his bills.
When he leaves the hospital, Sandy thanks him.
After few days, David meet her again in an auction. She said that she wanted to say thanks to David and asked for coffee. David agreed and decided to meet her in evening in the same hotel where they met before.
All day, he just think about her. In the evening, he was very excited to meet her. He reached at hotel on time. After few minutes, she arrived. She looks very pretty. David and Sandy take coffee. David asked about that child. She said that he is fine now.
She said that she wanted to take him somewhere. David said Yes.
He asked about the place but Sandy said that it is a surprise.
David was very excited.
They left the hotel and Sandy take him in her car.
After one hour drive, they reach at her home. Her home was in forest and far away from the city.
David asked, “ why do you live here? This is far away from the city. ”
She replied, “ she is not living here. We are here for some special purpose. ”
David asked,” what purpose?”
She opened the door and takes him inside and replied, “ Do you remember today’s date?. ”
David said, “ Yes. But why you are asking ?”
She take him to a room. In this room her family photographs are placed.
When David saw that photographs, he was in shock.
He knew her family.
He was upset because he knew that her parents were killed by his father.
He looked at Sandy, because he doesn’t understand what is going on.
She smiled and said, “ he is trapped. ”
She further said that she wanted to pay back to you, what she gets from you.
Suddenly she stabbed a knife on him. She does this again and again.
David is died.
Sandy’s hands and face is filled with blood. She is crying with joy. Because she pays back what she get.


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