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Little cat

Milky is a eight years old girl. She is very cute and fun loving girl. She loves her grandfather’s company. She is playing with him and also sleeping with him. At night, her grandfather tells her bedtime story. In the morning, she gets up early morning. She is going for a morning walk with her grandfather. Usually they are walking near river bank. Milky enjoy to see running water of the river and also playing with fishes and ducks etc. She also enjoy playing with the birds.
One day, she find a cat near the bushes, when she is going to morning walk. Cat is injured badly. She took that cat with her and treats that cat. Now she took care of cat, everyday. After few days, cat recovered from injury. Milky treated cat as a friend to play with her. Her grandfather tells her that how to take care of a pet cat. She learns everything very carefully. Now, she is more connected with the cat.
Every day, she went to morning walk with her grandfather and cat also. Her grandfather noticed that she became more responsible, more attractive towards her studies and she is more caring for animals and birds. She learns how to show her love and care for birds and animals. These are most important qualities of a human being, which are developed in a human when he is connected with birds and animals.

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