Bill is a hunter. He used to sell parrots in the market for his livelihood. He went to the forest set a trap with net and food grains. Parrots tried to eating it and trapped in the net. It happens again and again. In the forest, parrots are worried about it and they wanted a... Continue Reading →


CHAPTER 2 Next day, Mia comes here to meet Sia’s mom again. She has somethings to tell her. Mia not sure that it is relevant or not but she wanted to tell this to Sia’s mom. She said that we have discussed all the contacts and people except one. She tells Sia’s mom that she... Continue Reading →


CHAPTER-1 Ruby is an intelligent girl. She is studied in collage. She is living far away from her family. She is fond of books. Her parents are always buying books for her. She loves reading. In the morning, she was at her apartment. Some one knocked her door. She goes and opens it. She received... Continue Reading →


This is a dark night with thunderstorms. Anni and Bob are going back to their home after attending a wedding. Bob drives the car. He is worried about weather because they are in the middle of the forest road all alone.Suddenly, the car stopped. Anni asked to Bob,” what happened”.Bob replied, “ there must be... Continue Reading →

Mysterious village

Many years back, there is a village with beautiful surroundings. East side of the village has beautiful hills, in West side, there is a lake. North side surrounded with a dense forest. Only south side has a road, which connects the people of the village to the outer world. But there has some strange facts... Continue Reading →

Trees, environment and human beings

Zia stands nearby a fruit tree which is planted in her garden. She look at tree and it’s fruits. She observed that lots of birds are sitting on it. Two nests are also made by birds on the tree. She seems very happy to see that birds and also enjoying their tweets. She also starts... Continue Reading →

Save water for human survival

Once there was a Olia kingdom. Its king was king orian olia. He was very kind king. His kingdom was very prosperous. People of his kingdom were very happy and give love and respect to his king. But one day, people of Olia heard that there kingdom was in danger. They were scared and worried... Continue Reading →

Save Environment with planting trees

Anne seems confused about her birthday party planning. Her mother asked her about her confusion then she said that she wanted to try something new on her birthday rather than throw a party. But she doesn’t have any idea, what to do. Her mother gives a suggestion. She asks for planting trees on her birthday.... Continue Reading →

Love Animals

Ria was very happy, because her father present a cute puppy on her birthday. She plays with him. Puppy makes her best friend. After her school, she spent her time with her Puppy. One day Ria walk on the road. She went to ice cream shop. But suddenly she face some trouble. Some bad boys... Continue Reading →


Tom was going to home. But he was upset due to his poor performance in school activities. He is not performing up to mark and also disqualified for football team. He feel alone because all his friends are selected. He was discouraged. When he was reached at home his mother realized that he has some... Continue Reading →

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