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This is an early morning time in the city. Many people are in the gardens and other places like beaches for their morning routine. Some are here for morning walk, some are for exercise and many are for breathing in fresh air which is missing in crowding work places. This is a beautiful time, when your body and mind feel relaxed. Your ears can relax with the birds chirping. Fresh air can blow your mood.
Here some persons are spotted who are distributing magazines for free. They insist people to take that magazines. They said that they are working for spreading awareness towards health and that magazines are providing knowledge regarding health and aware people regarding health issues and also help them if anyone is facing health problems or any kind of disease. They also mention that they provide free full body check up for free. This is how their NGO fulfill their aim of a healthy society.
Everyone, who is present there, praise for their work that they have done. Many of the people are agreed on free full body check up. They are also willing to provide financial help to this NGO. People are asking for the mode of transactions accepted by them ( NGO), so they can help them.
One person, who is reading that health magazine, is shocked to see the name of the hospital that provided that free health check up. Because he is a doctor and practise in that hospital. But he is not aware of this. So, he inquire about it and find that there is no such kind of services given by them (by the hospital ). He is very shocked. But he is now understand the trap. This trap is for stealing money from the people. People are doing this as charity but they make it for their own profits.
But he ( doctor ) is made this secret, and call the police and report it. He makes that NGO’s persons busy in conversation with him. Police reported at that place and arrested that fake NGO’s people.
Everyone is there, is in shock. They are trying to understand, what is happening. But they are thankful to that doctor who revealed their true attentions and also save them from falling into their trap.


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