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In the Train, a group of six friends are going to attend a conference. They all are well educated, rich and professional. Every one has a different profession and they all are very good at their profession. They all going to attend a conference which is for environmental well-being.
They are very happy to go there together. But they all tried to pretend that he is better and more rich than others. Every one shows off their money.
There is a person who sits near them, hear all their conversation. But he is very quiet. He never interrupted them, but just listen to them. All the six friends are eating food, snacks and drinks. One of the six friends, asked that person to join them. But he refused politely. After all the friends insisted, he agreed to join them. He introduced himself as a writer. His name is Mr King.
All of them, enjoyed the whole day and in the night, they eat their meal and sleep in their berths.
In the morning, when they reached at their destination, they all are sleeping. A person named Jorge, approached them and tried to make them wake up. He is that person who is appointed to pick them up from the railway station.
Jorge helps them to get up and leave the train, because they are feeling sleepy and not able to talk properly. After leaving the train, Jorge gives them water and asked about their luggage. Because he doesn’t found any bag or other stuff.
All the friends are not understood, what is happening. Last night, they all are well. But in the morning, this are not feeling well, their luggage is missing.
Jorge asks them, “is there any other person sitting with them?”
They said, “ yes.”
One of them, tell Jorge that he was a writer and his name was Mr King.
He said, he also has his visiting card. When he put his hand in his pocket to take out that card, he gets a slip with that card. A note is written on that slip. Jorge take that slip and read that note. It was, “ I’m the writer of this train story. ”
Their cash, mobile phones, luxury watches etc., everything is stolen. They don’t understand how a person do this easily. They reached at hotel with Jorge. Here, rooms are booked for them. They contact with the police and write a complaint against that thief.
Now they realized that how their show off created a trouble for them.

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