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It is a rainy morning. Old couple is taking breakfast at their house. They enjoy hot coffee in this cold weather. Suddenly, door bell is ringing. Old man went for opening the door and shocked to see a little girl in front of his door. This girl is only six years old. But she is alone. That old man takes that little girl in. The old couple tries to comfort her. They offer her some juice and a piece of cake. After sometime they ask her about her family. They asked the name of her father and address of her house, so they can contact her parents. But, little girl is not able to describe it properly. Old lady tried to find some clues in the bag which is carried by little girl. She find an old story book in her bag. She is surprised to see that book, because this book is written by her. This book also contains her signature which is done by her for a special person, who is her student. That student is an orphan and his name is Adam. He has special attachment with her. Old lady is a retired teacher and she teaches that orphan child Adam, many years ago. She helped him in higher education with money and also provides moral support.
In the story book, she found a phone number. She made a call and she recognized the voice of Adam who is on the other side of phone.
She said, Adam, I am your teacher. I am with a little girl. I found your phone number in her bag. Do you know her?
Adam said, I am coming to your house.
After some time, Adam reached his teacher’s house. He knocked the door. That old lady opened the door. She is very happy to see him. She welcomed him.
When Adam entered into the house, he seemed surprised to see that little girl. Because that girl is his daughter and her name is Nina. He asked her daughter, how do you reach here. The little girl said that she is coming here to play with her friends at her friend’s house, but she lost while playing near her friends house and accidentally reached here. Today is rainy day and she comes here for shelter.
Adam said, this accident gives an opportunity to meet his teacher again.
Adam and his daughter spent that day with old couple. Both Adam and his teacher are happy. They recall their old days and enjoy them again.

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