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Bill is a hunter. He used to sell parrots in the market for his livelihood. He went to the forest set a trap with net and food grains. Parrots tried to eating it and trapped in the net. It happens again and again. In the forest, parrots are worried about it and they wanted a solution for it. They come together and try to find solution, then one of them suggests that there is a Saint, who lives near the forest. Why not go there and meet him. Every one is agreed on it. So, they went there. Parrots meet that Saint and narrate whole story.
Saint replied, “it’s all up to you ”.
You can save your lives and freedom.
“how? ”, All parrots are curious to know.
Saint said that Mark my words and implemented in your life. Hunter will never succeed in his intention.
Words are- Hunter will come and set a trap. But you will not go there and not to eat that food grains.
You just put it in your mind that it is a TRAP.
Parrots say thanks to Saint and went back to the forest.
Parrots are decided to memorize that words. They are Repeating that word all the time. So that they can never forget it.
Some days after, hunter has come back to forest. He heard the voice of Parrots. They are repeating that saint’s words. Hunter thinks that Parrots are aware of his hunting technique and now it is difficult to catch them. He thinks, “he should come back. ”
But before he went back. He thought that he must try once.
So he sets his trap for the Parrots. He hides behind the bushes.
Surprisingly, after sometime Parrots are set on the net and tried to eating food grains. Parrots are fell into the trap. Hunter catches them and he is going back to his home.
Surprisingly, parrots are repeated that saint’s words even after catches by the hunter.
So, the moral of the story is, “ knowledge is not enough, you should implement that thing or information in your life.”


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