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Riyan stands in the middle of the road. He is confused and exhausted. He seems to be worried. His car has been broken down in this remote area. He has no network signal in his mobile phone and he is unable to find a mechanic for his car. He decided to walk forward and get help. He walked for an hour. But, he is not found any help.
Here situation is getting worse. Sun goes down, he is tired. Even, he has no water left in his bottle. He is hungry and his lips are dry because of thirst. He is decided to go back and sat in his car, because it is getting dark and he has no place to stay. He started walking and reached at the location where he left his car. At night, it is a scary place. Without any street light, it seems like darker than usual. The road in the middle of forest, without any light, makes it more scary. He is even not be able to sleep. He is regretting on his decision of this business trip.
He is thinking about this business proposal. He is here for a piece of land, where he wanted to build a beautiful hotel. He wanted to check that place himself. But, he is trapped in this situation. He spent the night with regret.
When he saw the first beam of light in the morning, he was surprised. He has never seen this beautiful scenery before. He is getting out of the car. His all tiredness and regrets are gone. He has a smile on his face, because he is never experienced this before. Beauty of nature mesmerized him.
He live in a big city. He is busy in his work. For spending weekend, he is going to clubs and parties. He thinks that he lived a perfect life, where he has money, work, materialistic comforts and this is a beauty of life. But, after seeing this beautiful scenery of sun rise. He realized that there is nothing beautiful than nature’s beauty. Because, nature’s beauty gives your eyes a beautiful scenery, makes your mind feel relaxed and your heart is overwhelmed with joy, which makes your face smile. This is a real happiness which is not for pretending to be happy. This is a blessing of nature for human beings.
He starts waking around to enjoy the moment. He saw a beautiful waterfall, which is about two kilometers away from him. He is wondering why he is not spotted this waterfall before. He went there. This is a beautiful waterfall with fresh water. He drinks some water. He also looks around and found some fruit trees. He grabbed some fruits.
Now, he realized that all these things were around him but he failed to realize this. Because he is trapped in his own world. He tired himself for no reason. He is looking at a particular point and never looking around with open mind.
He comes back on the road where his car is located. He sits in his car and waiting for his colleagues. They are supposed to be there today to assist him in this project.


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