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This is an early morning time in the city. Many people are in the gardens and other places like beaches for their morning routine. Some are here for morning walk, some are for exercise and many are for breathing in fresh air which is missing in crowding work places. This is a beautiful time, when... Continue Reading →


It is a rainy morning. Old couple is taking breakfast at their house. They enjoy hot coffee in this cold weather. Suddenly, door bell is ringing. Old man went for opening the door and shocked to see a little girl in front of his door. This girl is only six years old. But she is... Continue Reading →


Sunday morning, Sid and his wife Laura decided to go to their old house and spend their day at old house. They took their breakfast and leave for the old house. They decided that house needs some clean-up. So, they start with removing extra unwanted and break material. Sid starts from his father’s room. This... Continue Reading →

THE TRAIN In the Train, a group of six friends are going to attend a conference. They all are well educated, rich and professional. Every one has a different profession and they all are very good at their profession. They all going to attend a conference which is for environmental well-being.They are very happy to go... Continue Reading →


A businessman named Ryan and his wife Nancy are going to a new city for his new business plan. Ryan is a rich man and a successful businessman. Nancy is very happy because she is living in New city. She is fond of traveling and exploring new places. She is very excited.In the new city,... Continue Reading →

Bloody tale

David walked near beach in the evening. He saw a beautiful flowers shop in the corner. That shop was new in this place, so he goes there. Then he realized that is actually not a shop but that flowers are for some special purpose. Flowers are for orphan Children. Orphan asylum is organized an event... Continue Reading →


CHAPTER 2 Next day, Mia comes here to meet Sia’s mom again. She has somethings to tell her. Mia not sure that it is relevant or not but she wanted to tell this to Sia’s mom. She said that we have discussed all the contacts and people except one. She tells Sia’s mom that she... Continue Reading →


CHAPTER-1 Ruby is an intelligent girl. She is studied in collage. She is living far away from her family. She is fond of books. Her parents are always buying books for her. She loves reading. In the morning, she was at her apartment. Some one knocked her door. She goes and opens it. She received... Continue Reading →


This is a dark night with thunderstorms. Anni and Bob are going back to their home after attending a wedding. Bob drives the car. He is worried about weather because they are in the middle of the forest road all alone.Suddenly, the car stopped. Anni asked to Bob,” what happened”.Bob replied, “ there must be... Continue Reading →

Mysterious village

Many years back, there is a village with beautiful surroundings. East side of the village has beautiful hills, in West side, there is a lake. North side surrounded with a dense forest. Only south side has a road, which connects the people of the village to the outer world. But there has some strange facts... Continue Reading →

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