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Once there was an empire, which is situated in the bank of a river. Other three sides are protected by mountains. Because of its strategic location, there is a least chance of evading the kingdom. So, it is a prosperous empire. The king of empire has a kind and warm heart. He is doing everything... Continue Reading →

Little cat

Milky is a eight years old girl. She is very cute and fun loving girl. She loves her grandfather's company. She is playing with him and also sleeping with him. At night, her grandfather tells her bedtime story. In the morning, she gets up early morning. She is going for a morning walk with her... Continue Reading →


Kaya is not willing to go to school. She doesn’t like her teacher, because she pushed her for study and Kaya only likes playing. She asked her mom, “why she is going to school? She doesn’t like it.”Kaya's mom tried to explain it to her, she said:Monday morning, this is 9 o’clock. Children are rushing... Continue Reading →


David seems very upset. His parents asked him about the problem. He said that he isn’t able to play with his friends because of disability. He has a problem with his leg. Because of this he is not able to play with them. He always feels alone.His parents feel bad but they never give up... Continue Reading →


There is a beautiful jungle. Many kinds of fruits trees and flower plants are there. Many animals and birds are part of this jungle.In this jungle, three deer are live. They are best friend. Every one in the jungle know about them. Whole day, they are playing together. They eat together.One day, all of them... Continue Reading →

Zinni and his friends

Zinni is a baby bear. Who lives in a beautiful jungle. This is a most beautiful and colourful jungle. Here you see many beautiful flowers and big trees. There is many fruit trees. Lakes and rivers make this jungle more beautiful.Trees with fruits attract birds and animals. They used to eat that fruits for their... Continue Reading →


Bill is a hunter. He used to sell parrots in the market for his livelihood. He went to the forest set a trap with net and food grains. Parrots tried to eating it and trapped in the net. It happens again and again. In the forest, parrots are worried about it and they wanted a... Continue Reading →

Trees, environment and human beings

Zia stands nearby a fruit tree which is planted in her garden. She look at tree and it’s fruits. She observed that lots of birds are sitting on it. Two nests are also made by birds on the tree. She seems very happy to see that birds and also enjoying their tweets. She also starts... Continue Reading →

Save water for human survival

Once there was a Olia kingdom. Its king was king orian olia. He was very kind king. His kingdom was very prosperous. People of his kingdom were very happy and give love and respect to his king. But one day, people of Olia heard that there kingdom was in danger. They were scared and worried... Continue Reading →

Save Environment with planting trees

Anne seems confused about her birthday party planning. Her mother asked her about her confusion then she said that she wanted to try something new on her birthday rather than throw a party. But she doesn’t have any idea, what to do. Her mother gives a suggestion. She asks for planting trees on her birthday.... Continue Reading →

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