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A businessman named Ryan and his wife Nancy are going to a new city for his new business plan. Ryan is a rich man and a successful businessman. Nancy is very happy because she is living in New city. She is fond of traveling and exploring new places. She is very excited.
In the new city, they buy a beautiful house with a giant garden. After two days of shifting, Ryan started his business here and giving his time and efforts to this business. With in a month, he sets up his business here. Nancy is busy in home decorating and visiting beautiful sites of the city.
One day, Nancy is alone at home, her husband is on a business trip. She gets a phone call from police station. A police officer is asking about her husband. She replied that he is not in the city. Police officer told her that her is in a big trouble. He told about some legal issues. She doesn’t understand what is happening. Police officer suggested her to come to the police station.
She tried to contact her husband but she failed. She decided to go to police station for knowing the matter. When she reached at police station, a police officer is waiting for her, standing outside the police station. Police officer told her that they need to discuss the issue outside the police station. She agreed. They are going to a coffee shop near the police station.
Police officer said that this is a case of cheating. He shows a copy of complaint to her. In this complaint, a fraud is mentioned. Which is done by her husband with a woman. The police officer suggested her to make a settlement with complainer outside the court. She is immediately ready for that.
So, the meeting is fixed with the complainer after one hour and Nancy goes to her home.
After one hour, Nancy reached at the location where she meets with that lady. Police officer and that lady already waiting for her. Nancy sits with them and said that she is ready for settlement on the behalf of her husband but she ( complainant lady) withdraw her complaint. Lady agree on it. They discussed the money for the settlement and agreed on 1 million.
Nancy and complainer lady are happy, but suddenly police team came there. Every one is shocked.
This police team is here for complainer and that police officer.
Actually this is a scam which is for getting money from Nancy and her husband. But both fake complainer lady and fake police officer is not aware that Nancy is a lawyer by profession and she leaves her career one year before.
When she saw the complaint, she knew that it is a scam and a police officer never meets with a person outside the police station for settlement. But she pretended that she is felled into trap. Now she approached to the police and police arrested them.

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