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Zinni and his friends

Zinni is a baby bear. Who lives in a beautiful jungle. This is a most beautiful and colourful jungle. Here you see many beautiful flowers and big trees. There is many fruit trees. Lakes and rivers make this jungle more beautiful.
Trees with fruits attract birds and animals. They used to eat that fruits for their survival. Birds made their nests on trees. Jungle is live with birds chirping. All animals are live with joy.
Zinni used to play with other bears. They are playing near river. They saw a sparrow in river’s water. She is injured and not able to fly. She is floating in water.
Zinni wants to help her. So, he goes to near river and find the way to save her. His friends are also helped him. Firstly, they tried to reach near her, but it is difficult for them due to high speed of stream of water. Now they try to find new way to save her. Zinni got an idea. They need a long stick. They find it from the trees nearby river. Now they attach some leaves and dry grass with the one end of that stick.
They run to chase sparrow and after reaching near her, they tried to save her. They throw the stick near sparrow and pull her out of water. They pick her up and take her with them. After sometime, sparrow is able to fly. Zinni and his friends are happy for her.
Kind heart always helps others without any greed.


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