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This is an early morning time in the city. Many people are in the gardens and other places like beaches for their morning routine. Some are here for morning walk, some are for exercise and many are for breathing in fresh air which is missing in crowding work places. This is a beautiful time, when... Continue Reading →


This is a dark night with thunderstorms. Anni and Bob are going back to their home after attending a wedding. Bob drives the car. He is worried about weather because they are in the middle of the forest road all alone.Suddenly, the car stopped. Anni asked to Bob,” what happened”.Bob replied, “ there must be... Continue Reading →

Mysterious village

Many years back, there is a village with beautiful surroundings. East side of the village has beautiful hills, in West side, there is a lake. North side surrounded with a dense forest. Only south side has a road, which connects the people of the village to the outer world. But there has some strange facts... Continue Reading →

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