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Save water for human survival

Once there was a Olia kingdom. Its king was king orian olia. He was very kind king. His kingdom was very prosperous. People of his kingdom were very happy and give love and respect to his king. But one day, people of Olia heard that there kingdom was in danger. They were scared and worried due to this news. They were going to the king’s palace and meet with him to discuss the issue. In the meeting they knew that the danger was internal not external. It means there was no foreign attack. They were safe at their boundaries of kingdom. But the internal problem was a serious issue. The issue was scarcity of water. Most of the rivers and ponds were dry due to lack of rain. Wells were also effected. This was serious issue because it is related to human survival. Lack of water means problem of drinking water, household water and also problem in agricultural activities which effects living of people.
Next day, king called for a meeting in which all the people of kingdom were allowed to come. In this meeting, firstly the issue was discussed and later on the suggestions were given by scholars and people of the kingdom. The meeting was concluded with the decision of taking care of natural resources of water and precautions were made for reducing wastage of water consumption and aware people regarding necessity of water and its importance regarding human survival on the earth.
After sometime, kingdom was overcome from the issue of scarcity of water and again became prosperous. All the people of kingdom were aware of importance of water and started taking care of natural resources of water and make proper utilization of rain water. They were taking all the precautions and stop the problem to making worse.
Water is a beautiful gift from the nature. We have to respect it and take care of it.


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