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Trees, environment and human beings

Zia stands nearby a fruit tree which is planted in her garden. She look at tree and it’s fruits. She observed that lots of birds are sitting on it. Two nests are also made by birds on the tree. She seems very happy to see that birds and also enjoying their tweets. She also starts playing with them. She is enjoying their company.
Next day, she went to her friend’s house. At her friend’s house, she never found any bird like her own house. No tweeting of birds and no nest of birds. She found it odd. When she goes back to her home, she firstly asked her mother that why there was no bird at her friend’s house.
Her mother took her to the garden and pointing toward the tree. She said that we have birds in our house because of this tree. Birds are coming here to stay on the tree. Some birds are making their nests on it. Trees are like home to them. Moreover trees are important for human beings. Trees are given us oxygen for breathing. It gives fruits to us which is good for our health. It reduces soil erosion. It helps in raining also. There are many other benefits and uses are of trees. So, trees are important part of our lives.
So, that’s why you don’t see birds in your friend’s house. Because there is no tree at their home. Birds are coming here because of this tree. Trees make a beautiful relationship between us and environment. So, because of trees we are able to communicate with birds and environment.
Tree are important and necessary part of environment. So, make a beautiful relationship with environment, we should save trees.


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