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Save Environment with planting trees

Anne seems confused about her birthday party planning. Her mother asked her about her confusion then she said that she wanted to try something new on her birthday rather than throw a party. But she doesn’t have any idea, what to do. Her mother gives a suggestion. She asks for planting trees on her birthday. Anne love this idea. She decided to do this on her birthday. But now she has no idea, how to execute her plan of planting trees. She ask for help and her mother agreed to help her. Now they make plan and started from their own home. They buy plants and planted them in their home first. Now they tie up with NGO’s and other organizations who work for environmental well-being. They narrate their idea to them and make a plan for it. Now they mark some places where they plant trees and done it with the help of them. Anne is very happy because she did what she wanted and this makes her happy. She decided that she always celebrated her birthday like this and also join NGO for environmental well-being. She also share this idea with her friends and involve them in this work also.
Environment is necessary for life of this Planet. So, we have to protect it and take care of it.


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