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David seems very upset. His parents asked him about the problem. He said that he isn’t able to play with his friends because of disability. He has a problem with his leg. Because of this he is not able to play with them. He always feels alone.
His parents feel bad but they never give up on this. They think about this problem and wanted a permanent solution for it. They started work on it. They start spending their time with their son. They play with him and helped him in his school home work.
David’s parents buy lots of story books for him. He starts reading them. With the passage of time, he is used to reading. He starts reading of many knowledge-based books and some biographies. He is also starts going to library. Because of this reading habit, he improves in his study. His school grades are improved.
Now, he never feels board or alone. He also playing indoor games. Most of the time, he reads books and enjoy them.
So, books make his best friend. Books give him knowledge, information, inspiration, motivation and much more. Now, he is full of life and enjoys his life with his best friend I.e. Books.


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