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There is a beautiful jungle. Many kinds of fruits trees and flower plants are there. Many animals and birds are part of this jungle.
In this jungle, three deer are live. They are best friend. Every one in the jungle know about them. Whole day, they are playing together. They eat together.
One day, all of them walked together. They are reached at scary dark place. No one is there. This is a place which is new for them. Because of this, one of the deer is felled into a deep pit. He tried to get out of this, but he didn’t succeed. Other two deer are also trying to help him, but they are failed.
Now the situation is going to worse. All of them are hungry and no food is there. As the sunset time comes near darkness is increased. They are helpless and worried.
One of the deer said that he could not handle this situation anymore. He said he is hungry and he is not be able to help them. So, he decided to go back, because he doesn’t want to die. He said sorry to his friends and move from that dark and scary place.
Deer who is felled into pit, asked to other deer, you didn’t want to go back?
He replied, “No”.
Deer tried to convince his friend to go back. He said it is difficult for me to get out of this pit. But you are here for me. You are putting your life in risk because of me. That is not good.
But his friend is not agree with him. He replied, “we are friends and this is my duty to help you when you need it most. ”
He tried to help him but he failed again and again. But he never loose hope. They stay whole night together at dark and scary place.
As the sun rises, they start trying again. After many efforts, deer come out from the pit.
Both the deer are tired and hungry but they are happy. One deer thanks to other deer for his help and also for his friendship.
So, the friendship is not all about fun together and stay together but also helped other friend when he needed.


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  1. Very nice story of deers . We need friends not only in our good time but also in our bad time. And true friend never leave us in our bad time. Well written 👌🌹❣️!

    Liked by 1 person

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