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Kiara is sitting in her room and write her diary. This is her habit of writing down her experiences of life in her diary. These experiences are helpful in understanding that how she react in that situation and how she overcome from that problem or how pleased she feel in a beautiful time. She has... Continue Reading →


Riyan stands in the middle of the road. He is confused and exhausted. He seems to be worried. His car has been broken down in this remote area. He has no network signal in his mobile phone and he is unable to find a mechanic for his car. He decided to walk forward and get... Continue Reading →


Once there was an empire, which is situated in the bank of a river. Other three sides are protected by mountains. Because of its strategic location, there is a least chance of evading the kingdom. So, it is a prosperous empire. The king of empire has a kind and warm heart. He is doing everything... Continue Reading →

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