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Next day, Mia comes here to meet Sia’s mom again. She has somethings to tell her. Mia not sure that it is relevant or not but she wanted to tell this to Sia’s mom. She said that we have discussed all the contacts and people except one. She tells Sia’s mom that she forgot earlier but she knew one more person who could help us to find out Sia. He must be knew something which is important for us. She told about a person named Jin. She described him as Sia’s uncle. She knew about him though Sia that he is her father’s friend. He often met her. But surprisingly Sia’s father denied it. He has no friend who’s name is Jin.
This is shocking for them because a person meets their daughter as her father’s friend but actually he is lying.
Sia’s mom starts panic. She is worried about her daughter. Mia relaxed her for now. Mia mentions that she never met that person but heard from Sia. She has no idea about that person.
Sia’s father asked Mia,”Since when had she been meeting him”.
Mia replied, “ she doesn’t know exactly but about two months ”.
Her parents are surprised because she doesn’t mention anything about him.
But they suspected fishy and decided to investigate about that mysterious man.
Now they took this information as a clue. They request Mia to tell them everything about Jin, she knew. She briefs everything she knew.
Now, her parents have some information about Jin. They knew the Café where they meet. Somewhat they knew about Mr. Jin.
But the information is missing, is that ‘why he did this to Sia and his motive behind this?’
The Phone is ringing…
this ring is interrupted he reading. Ruby realized that she went into book’s story. She picked up that phone call. Her Dad was on other side. She is very happy to hear her father’s voice. She has a lot to talk to him. She talk about her exam result. She score A and about her new project which is submitted to her teacher in a week. She tells everything to her father about her study and work. She thanks to her father for his gift.
Which gift?? Her father asked.
She explained about book she received. But surprisingly her father denied. He said that he didn’t do this.
This is a matter of concern. Question is who sends that book and why?
Ruby received that book on the name of her father. It means sender know both of them and there must be a motive behind this.
Her father suggested her to take care of herself.
There is something fishy because this book is send with a motive, her father is sure about it. He is worried about her daughter who is alone in the city.
Her father is decided to go there and stay with her.
Ruby is curious to know that what is in the book and why this book is here. So, she decided to start reading from where she left.
She starts reading….
Jin was a person of his father’s age. He introduced himself as a writer. He said that he has friendship with her father since their college time.
Sia’s father decided to collect information about his college friends. He make a list and tried to contact with them. Suddenly his eyes catch a name in the list. The name was J.J and full name was John Jin.
Sia’s father trembling with fear. He didn’t expect that he come back for Revenge. Sia’s mom asked him, why Jin seeking a Revenge?
Sia’s father decided to tell the truth. He tells the whole story about his friendship with Jin. Even after college, they meet regularly. Jin got married. He has a daughter.
But…. He stops.
After talking a deep breath, he starts narrate the story.
I am facing failures and financial crisis also. But Jin was well settled. I need help. So, I went his home at night and asking for help. He refused. He gave excuses, but I insisted him for help. This conversation changed in arguments. I am frustrated and angry at that point of time. Due to my careless and aggressive behavior her daughter suffered.
Sia’s father stop again. He starts crying…
Sia’s mom asked, what happened to that little girl?
He said, “ she was died at that time. ”
I wasn’t intentionally did this..
I had lost my control over myself. It was an accident.
He starts crying…
Sia’s mom worried about her daughter, because she knew that Jin was seeking revenge.
They decided to call the police and tell the whole story. They just wanted to save their daughter.
Police immediately take action, but also alleged murder charges on Sia’s father.
Jin released Sia but arrested by police.
This is the end of the story. But the last page has a message “it’s your turn ”and a number printed on it.
Ruby doesn’t give attention to it.
In the evening, Ruby’s father comes to meet her. She is very surprised.
Her father asked about book. She said that about book and its story . Her father gets worried. He took that book and start reading. He realized that the girl is described in the story is just like his daughter. He reads the whole story. Suddenly, he starts panicking. He starts turning its pages fast. He reads the message of last page. He is trembling with the fear. Ruby is worried about her father. She doesn’t understand what is happening. She asked her father about it. Her father replied, “ This is my story ”. Last message is for me and that number is a number of an old house where all the evidences are available of my crimes.
His daughter asked, ‘crime ’.
She is unable to understand what is happening.
Her father rushed to the police station and accepted all his crimes from murder of a little girl to taking property and money of his friend illegally. He said that his friend is not in his own due to his little daughter’s death. He took the advantage of this.
He accepted all his crimes because he knew that THE REVENGE OF A BOOK put his daughter’s life in danger.


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