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Ruby is an intelligent girl. She is studied in collage. She is living far away from her family. She is fond of books. Her parents are always buying books for her. She loves reading.

In the morning, she was at her apartment. Some one knocked her door. She goes and opens it. She received a parcel which is sending by her father. She is very excited to open it. There is a book in it. This is a story books with an interesting title i.e. MYSTERY.
In the evening, she took that book and start reading. At very first, she found a simple story i.e. there is a sweet girl named Sia. She lives with her parents. Her life is very happy and easy-going. She is loving by every one. But for higher education, she moves to another place. She starts life with new people.
Once she meets with a person named ‘Jin’. He is introduced himself as her uncle. He is pretending as his father’s friend. The story girl trusted him. Jin treats her very well. He often meets her and brings gifts for her. She is treated him as her family member. He is now becoming a trusted one. But her parents are not aware of it because she is living in another city due to her studies.
One day, she got a call from her uncle Jin. He wanted to meet her. She fixed her meeting with him at 5 o’clock. She goes to that Café where they decided to meet. After that she is missing. No one has seen her. Her parents tried to contact her but they failed. Her friends tried to reach her but nothing works. There is no clue at all.
Her parents are worried about her. But they are still failed to know the reason behind her escape. They contact with her friends. Every possible way they tried to find out her but they never succeed. They loose all hopes. But for her daughter they never give up.
After few days ago, a young girl came to meet her parents at Sia’s apartment. She knocked the door. When Sia’s mom open the door, the young girl introduced herself as Mia. She is Sia’s friends and wanted to meet her. Mia is shocked to know about what happened to Sia. She gets to know that Sia is missing and there is no clue about her. She feels bad for Sia. She tells to Sia’s mom that she is Sia’s best friend. She is very close to her.
She tells further that she went back to her home because her father was in hospital. She came back yesterday. She tried to contact with Sia but failed. That’s why she is here.
Sia’s mom requests Mia for helping her. Her mom wants to make another try to find her. She asked Mia about Sia’s friends or known who helped her to find her. Mia tells about all the people, she knew. But most of these people were earlier in touch with her parents. Remaining people are approached by her parents but they are not providing any relevant information, which helps them. This is unacceptable that no one even noticed unusual thing happened with her. There is no clue about her. No one is here to explain that what has happened to her. So, this is dead end. Her parents loose all the hope.


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