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This is a dark night with thunderstorms. Anni and Bob are going back to their home after attending a wedding. Bob drives the car. He is worried about weather because they are in the middle of the forest road all alone.
Suddenly, the car stopped. Anni asked to Bob,” what happened”.
Bob replied, “ there must be error in the engine of the car”.
He checked his car. But there must be a major issue, so they need a mechanic.
Anni is worried because they are alone and this road is constructed in the middle of the forest. They are decided to walk through out the way until they get help. They left their car and start walking.
Another problem has come in the form of rain. Now they are searching for a shelter. After alone struggle, they found a old hut.
They run for go inside that hut. That hut is really in miserable condition. They have to stay here until rain stopped.
Suddenly they heard gun shot. They afraid, because there must be goons and no one is here to help. They heard again that gun shot for twice. They realized the danger outside. They decided to stay in the hut. They spent whole night in the hut.
In the morning, they are going back to their car. When they reached there they are horrified to see that car. The car’s windshield is broken badly. There was evidences of gun shot. Anni was very afraid to see this. Thankfully, they are safe and now they are seeking for help to reach their home.


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