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Mysterious village

Many years back, there is a village with beautiful surroundings. East side of the village has beautiful hills, in West side, there is a lake. North side surrounded with a dense forest. Only south side has a road, which connects the people of the village to the outer world. But there has some strange facts about the village, like no person could reach the village because the road to this village is very rough, suspicious and dangerous. Many stories are roaming about the village. People believe that anyone, who goes there missing suspiciously and never come back. But no one has evidence to prove it true. So, maybe it is merely a story.
One day, a team of five friends decided to search that village. Most of the people, along with their family members are trying to stop them. But they are failed to do this. Finally, all the five friends start their journey with full of enthusiasm and courage.
Once they reach to the road, which is connected to that village . They saw beautiful scenery which is beyond their expectations. Road is rough and narrow, but surrounded with beautiful flowers valley. They were very excited about the village. When they reached at the location, unexpectedly there was no village. There was a plan ground. They were unhappy to see this. But they are surprised to see that the location is exactly same as they heard in stories. Beautiful hills with sunshine, large lake with marine species and a dense forest. Now, they are confused, because everything is there exactly same as they heard except village. They decided to find out the truth behind the stories they heard. Because they easily reached here, without any difficulty or danger and village is missing. They install their tents and decided to search nearby.
In the evening, they saw some movements in the forest. They were scared but still decided to go and check it. All the five friends work as a team and go into the forest. Early they realize something is fishy. They decided to go inside the forest but with cautions to prevent any harm. In forest, they watch all the activities done secretly. Now, they know about all the illegal activities taken place here. They realize the stories are merely to stop people to approach that place.
They immediately rush to their own town and describe the whole incident to the police. Police immediately take action against that illegal activities and the people behind it. Now, police and people are appreciating their courage for revealing this illegal activities.


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