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Tom was going to home. But he was upset due to his poor performance in school activities. He is not performing up to mark and also disqualified for football team. He feel alone because all his friends are selected. He was discouraged. When he was reached at home his mother realized that he has some problem . She ask him about his problem. Tom was told about all his problems and dilemma. She realized that he is discouraged and need her help. She look him with love and pointed out his finger toward a wall where an ant try to reach at the top of the wall but failed to climb. Tom saw at her mother with curiosity. He wanted to know what his mother tried to tell him. She said that ant tried to reach at the top of the wall but failed so many times, but never give up and keep trying. That ant never bothered about his failures and what people think about her. Ant just focus on her target and work hard for fulfillment of her goal. In-between their discussion, Tom saw that ant reached at the top of the wall. He was very happy for that ant and realize the power of hard work. Now he promised her mother that he would be happy in any circumstances and always believed in hard work to achieve his life goals.
Moral- Hard work is a key to success.



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